This method employs a stiff, low slump, grout.  1” to 4” slump is usual.  Sam Cal has the latest pumping equipment for grout mixture placement, and modern mixing equipment insures a consistent product.  With high-pressure and stiff-grout mix, SAM CAL has been very successful in controlling the results.  Experienced crews and attention to detail are SAM CAL hallmarks.  Given the proper soil conditions, the results can be very satisfactory.


SAM CAL has retained the equipment and crew expertise to continue the use of this “older” grouting method.  Given open, loose, non-compressible soil conditions, we feel this method deserves careful consideration.  By filing voids or open conditions, increased density can be achieved with low-pressure application.  High slump mix (4” – 8”) is typical, with very high cement ratios.  Better re-leveling control is another benefit of the intrusion method.


Bank stabilization for open cuts (in loose, sandy conditions) is an ideal venue for pre-excavation Chemical Grouting application.  “Loose: ground conditions are susceptible to “running” during the placement of bank support systems (piling, lagging tunnel lining, etc.)  SAM CAL has addressed this problem with Chemical Grouting since the early ‘80’s.

Water intrusion can be corrected with the application of chemical grouts in a variety of buildings and structures, including basement storage areas, medical record spaces, food service kitchens, telephone vaults, parking structures and other occupied spaces.  SAM CAL Corporation has th equipment and expertise to place Chemical Grout to the outside of the wall “where we can do some good.”  Parking Structures 45’ below grade have been corrected, though this method is applicable to smaller jobs, as well.


Our staff of field personnel, Construction Engineers and Superintendents are highly experienced, exhibiting a strong technical background and utilization of the most advanced equipment available.  This combination of knowledgeable staff and modern, well-maintained machinery enables SAM CAL to develop the best solutions to geotechnical and geological problems.

Having treated almost every soil condition, seepage problem and concrete defect, we can say with certainty that there is no single product of procedure suitable for every case.  The common denominator is the need to find the cause and work out the best material and pumping method for each individual case.

When you have a need for state-of-the-art grouting technology, call SAM CAL.  You will find that we are responsive, helpful and proud of our quality work.

SAM CAL Corporation is a contractor specializing in the application of state-of-the-art grouting technology to construction operations and engineering projects.  We maintain an impressive array of grouting equipment, a substantial inventory of high tech grouting products and a highly experienced staff of technical and construction personnel.

Since 1963, we have provided our clients with the latest and most innovative grouting technologies.  Our commitment to providing clients with cost-effective solutions (while maintaining highest standards) has earned SAM CAL a reputation for quality service throughout Nevada, Arizona and California.  We maintain this standard of quality by attending seminars and technical presentations to keep pace with technology.

The symptoms of settlement problems are usually obvious:  cracks and door and frame misalignment.  The causes are usually more difficult to detect.  SAM CAL has people with the owner and their geotechnical consultants to determine the cause, then solve the problem.

SAM CAL realizes that total cost is not the only concern.  We work diligently to minimize building occupant disruption, distress to surrounding improvements and time of disruption.


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