Fabric Formed Concrete offer a cost-effective alternative to rip rap and cast-in-place concrete.  Durable forms constructed of woven double-layer fabric are filled with pumpable, high-strength, fine aggregate concrete (structural grout), providing an economic and durable solution to erosion control.  The forms are highly effective for scour protection and repair, foundation, environmental and marine construction applications.  SAM CAL’s installations are convenient and cost-effective because they can be cast in place as easily under water as above, thereby eliminating the need to dewater sites or waterways during installation.


Fabric Formed Concrete is used to line or repair a channel or to protect landfill containment systems and repair bridge scour.  Protection of a shoreline against storm damage with fabric formed concrete structures delivers long lasting erosion control performance.  When used in canals, channels, culverts and embankments, fabric formed linings protect against the forces of flowing water and wave action.  Geosynthetic liners are safeguarded from mechanical damage in landfills, reservoirs and other containment and capping applications.


Minimize friction coefficient (N value) for canals; produces a relatively even surface for cleaning equipment to operate over geosynthetic pond liners.  Provides a highly impermeable, high quality concrete lining.


Bank protection while relieving potential hydrostatic pressure “lift.” 

Filter Point Linings:  An effective permeable concrete lining for structures constructed over firm subgrades with relatively low hydrostatic loads.

Filter Band Linings:  An effective permeable concrete lining for structures constructed over firm subgrades with moderately hydrostatic loads.

Both filter styles achieve lower velocities and reduced wave run-up in more severe conditions.



Cast-in-place cabled blocks are used for protection from severe scour.  For structures constructed over soft subgrades or where revetment is exposed to frontal attack by wave action.  Mattress protects coastlines, waterways, underwater pipelines, bridge piers and marine structures from the destructive hydrodynamic forces of high velocity flow, wind waves, vessel-induced waves or propeller wash.  Optional high strength cables threaded between the two layers of fabric provide tensile strength.


Allows for revegetation for environmental requirements and/or cosmetic appearances.  An aesthetic and environmentally compatible erosion protection.  These mats are comprised of filled elements and unfilled areas, allowing open areas to be vegetated.  “Open” Block Designs protect against periodic high flows and are installed above the waterline.


Individual, cylindrical forms that assume a flatten cross section when filled.  Meet the requirement for economical cast-in-place armor and support units.  Prevents scour along shorelines or bridge piers and abutments.  Their ease of deployment and cost-effectiveness makes them superior to stone rip rap.  The fabric forms can be positioned and filled from the surface in shallow water or by divers in deeper water.

SAM CAL installs several mat and liner styles for a high degree of erosion protection of slopes, channels and canals.  All mats and liners are woven from multi-filament and textured yarns of nylon, which allow excess mixing water to pass while retaining cement solids.  SAM CAL works with leading manufacturers to acquire the highest quality, custom materials on an optimum delivery schedule.


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